Sleeper Car on the Train

Catching up on my adventures/new activities.  This one was a mini-adventure, after all, I’ve taken train trips before …(;  But this time, I took the train from DC to Atlanta in a sleeper car, as the tickets were the … Continue reading

Night of the Environmentalists – Veggie Potluck & Outdoor Movie

This was a very fun, new adventure, right in my own backyard.

Climate Steps

So as I already posted in our Climate Steps Facebook Discussion Group ( – I have discovered one of the most fun ways to fight climate change – throw a climate party. My friends Max, Nick, and I did, and it was a total success. We invited friends, and then we put an invite up on the neighborhood listserve. We had at least 32 people show up – including six who came due to the list serve. But then we also had a killer invitation:

My friend Max and I are finally fulfilling our New Year’s resolution: to throw a vegan/vegetarian (more vegan) potluck at my place. I’ve been vegetarian now for 25 years, and Max has been a vegan for eight, so this potluck is to celebrate and share the great, great recipes we’ve been tasting.

But there’s more. Green Neighbors DC is helping sponsor the event by paying…

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A vegetarian for 25 years – where has that gotten the world?

Here’s a blog about an adventure I’ve been doing for 25 years!

Climate Steps

This year, 2018, celebrates my having been a vegetarian for 25 years, despite Mom occasionally sneaking me an egg roll in that first year, saying “it only has a little bit of pork in it.”  I don’t miss meat at all.  And much to my concerned relatives’ surprise – I haven’t died.  Instead, I am relatively healthy and happy.

18739933_10209220738900189_5368037657580192554_n Beets and morels.

But in thinking about 25 years of going without fried chicken, I was just curious as to how much impact I’ve made as a vegetarian in the past 25 years, especially in terms of numbers of lives “saved,” or in some cases “prevented the raising of.”  I was inspired by an article one of our members (Doug) posted yesterday in our FB discussion group Climate Steps that was an interview of famous marine biologist Sylvia Earle, about eating fish.  (Message:  don’t do it.)

So instead of cleaning my…

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My adventures for 2018…

will include carrying around a bamboo straw in my purse….

via 2018 New Year Climate Resolutions. 

Also, see what I worked on last year – which is why I haven’t been blogging here that much.

a) I started a new blog, called

b) and fulfilled about 60% of my climate resolutions for 2017.

c) plus traveled to Kuwait, (note that picture above., aaaahhh.), and

       d) did some other things here and there.

I’ll be growing the Climate Steps community a lot this year.  Already we have some national/international members, but more members are welcomed – definitely the earth needs folks who want to take climate steps.

Anyway, brief post, but fyi!  Hope everyone has a grand 2018.